on a mission

As women, we ALL have stories to tell.

The female empowerment agenda started at a very young age for me. Like countless women around the globe, I, too, have been the victim of sexism as well as verbal and sexual abuse, which of course impacted me deeply. 

But the real core of my mission comes from my family: I watched my mother raise me and my sister as a single-mother in the 80's, on top of successfully having a fierce career. Through her bravery and persistence, she taught me to always fight, even in moments of profound despair, and to never, ever give up. This was passed on to her by her own mother, who had even less opportunities as a woman of her time and whose struggle may not have been heard. Growing up, I was a confused teenager as our family was so different from everyone else around: 4 strong-headed multi-generational women under one roof...

Looking back, I wish there had been a support group outside of my home where I could have been exposed to more examples of unorthodox, pioneering women who were hitting the pavement.

This is why I founded MARIPOSA: An All-Female International Band on a mission

I want to reach women who need to hear this message of empowerment and embrace their individuality & uniqueness in order for them to re-connect with their inner strength and find their purpose, too. What better way to do it than through music celebrating women from all over the world?!

MARIPOSA is thrilled to announce we will be hitting the road with a:

Women's History Month Tour.

Each performance will be paired with a special concert and outreach event at a local women's or young female adult's shelter. 

We are fortunate enough to have been approved for fiscal sponsorship by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. This allows us to accept donations, but we need YOUR help to make this tour a reality

How Can YOU Help?

Help us help women in need of empowerment through the healing power of music.

Every $ raised will go towards providing MARIPOSA with transportation to and from the shelters, artistic development, equipment, support system, as well as tour organization.

* All tax-donations are tax-deductible